Milan Fashion Week 2018

In February 2018 the world’s grand designer names converged in Milan for the Fashion Week 2018. Izabela Chan™ participated in a contemporary jewellery exhibition held at the Palazzo dei Giureconsulti. This beautiful, historical location overlooking the Duomo Cathedral drew large crowds of makers and collectors of jewellery alike. The exposition featured an incredible collection of artists from all over the world, including pieces by Izabela Chan™ and… Yoko Ono!

At the conclusion of the event several pieces were selected to be included in a travelling exhibition. Next stops for Izabela Chan™: Athens, Greece and Brussels, Belgium. Stay tuned for the upcoming show dates!

A book was released cataloguing the 450 jewels that were displayed at the exhibition, including Izabela Chan’s Modern Savage neck-piece and Three Elements bracelet. This memento makes a great souvenir to take home from the Milan Fashion Week 2018.

Below is a digital preview of the jewels book. To order your own hard copy of the book, contact the publisher: Artistar Jewels.